Prestashop Admin Folder Name Best Pratices

In this Tutorial when referring to your Prestashop Online Store, the domain name used will be, therefore when applying any How To instruction you will need to change it with your own domain. The same goes for the Prestashop Admin access folder, that you need to change from secret-admin-folder to the one used in your E-commerce Store. Just to be clear the full path used here to reach the Prestashop Back Office is prestashop-tutorials.

Prestashop Tutorial - How to Update Only One Prestashop Module

This Tutorial is a detailed How To aimed for Prestashop beginners, therefore I will not expected, from you, any knowledge at all about Prestasho Admin Interface. Step by Step to Update a Module in Prestashop Version 1.6.* During this Prestashop Tutorial the Url used to reach the Prestashop Back Office will be and your one should be or if your store is not in the root folder then it should be like your-domain.