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Software Development for me as is a passion that I need to feed daily…


In Software Development, Security must be in the heart of everything we do, and I am a strong believer that it must be opt-out, instead of opt-in. Therefore it must be a primary concern and we can’t easily trade it off for any other Business or Technical requirement without properly understand the trade-off being made.


Nowadays, I work as a Developer Advocate for APIs and Mobile Apps security. In the past I have worked on building APIs for Mobile E-commerce App’s of the big retailers in the UK and USA.
APIs are connecting everything in the Web, they are the bridge for exchange data between different systems, and securing them is crucial.

Clean Code

Clean Code drives the way I code. To achieve this I need to empower the best Software Principles, like SLIM and SOLID, that will lead us to choose Design Patterns, like RDP or any other one suitable.
We can’t have Clean Code without using BDD and/or TDD.


I participate regularly in Stackoverflow, where I am often one of the 2% top contributors. I am also posting regularly in other online communities, like elixirforum.com, devtalk.com, dev.to. When heavily involved in e-commerce I was also one of the Portuguese forum moderators for the Prestasho e-commerce platform.

Open Source

Any Software Developer, in is day to day work, have to use some Open Source tools, for more quickly and efficiently get the job done, without the need to reinvent the wheel.
So, I am one of that Software Developers and I strongly believe in the Open Source ecosystem, therefore I also try to give my share back to it.

Servers & Cloud

The Web can’t exist without Servers, VPSs or the Cloud. For me, this is like fine tuning an engine for optimal performance or improve the security of the car in terms of handling. Definitely I am a Petrol Head, therefore the analogy.

My Timeline

A life made of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, love and respect and some good and bad decisions…

  • Around 1970

    A soon to be Software Developer was born

    Sorry but Online Privacy and Online Security prohibits me from being more detailed about my birth date and some other dates :).

  • Around 1988 to 1991

    Programming with Basic and Pascal in School

    I decided to choose a technical course about Computers and guess what? I fall in love with Programming in a Bull 1Mhz, with only 1 diskette of 5 12 inches and MS-DOS… what a good time I was having :)

  • Around 1991 to 1998

    Initiation in Professional World

    During this period I initiated my path into the professional world. I tried several professions and neither of them have give me the desired work/life balance that will guarantee a decent quality of life. In the end of this period unemployment was also a new experience for me. I took this time to complete course where I learned how to setup my own Business, one of my aspirations for years.

  • Around 1998 to 2006

    My own Business - Lots of Work and almost no Holidays :(

    Running your own Business requires lot of work, work and more work to survive and try to keep the Business running during the ROI period. Unfortunately the Portuguese crisis was getting worse and the cash flow was very low. During 2005 I decided that it was time to try to turn things around. So while keeping the current Business I decided to start selling used cars as a side activity to bring some more cash flow.

  • 8 of December 2006

    Meet the Love of my Life

    I was living very hard times in my professional life, but hey, not everything was bad during this period because I discovered the true ♥ of my life. Oh boy, now I can understand why all my friends changed when they fall in love… this is a new dimension, where we start seeing things differently, our priorities change a lot and other things start to matter for us. Oh boy, now I can understand why all my friends changed when they fall in love… this is a new dimension, where we start seeing things differently, our priorities change a lot and other things start to matter for us. Thank you my love to come into my life.

  • Around 2006 to 2008

    Reinventing my own Business

    The side activity of selling used cars, quicly become the main income of my Business, therefore I decided to move to a better location in order to have the proper conditions to sell used cars, but life is hard when we do not have a good bank account, so working 7 days a week for 10 to 12 hours was necessary to keep things running, once my debts where very high.
    By 2008 the Portuguese was very severe, to the point that I was not able to approve credits for selling my used cars, therefore the only option was to close the Company that have costed me so much money and many hours during the last 10 years of my life.
    This was the most hard decision to make in my life, once with it was implied to loose my house to the Bank.
    The love of my life and my parents where my salvation during this hard times… I can’t express how grateful I am to them.

  • During 2009

    Time to turn things around.

    By nature I am an optimistic and Business was always in my veins, therefore was time to try to embarrass the new trend of e-commerce and I decided to build an online store to sell after market car parts. To achieve that I decided to use the Prestahop e-commerce platform, but very soon I discovered that lots of customization where needed and no money available to pay for them, so guess what… I have started to dig in the code and my passion about programming just reborn and a new future for me was starting, without my own knowledge.

  • During 2010

    Dead end in my Online Store project

    Due to a lack of interest in my suppliers to give all necessary data to build the Online Car Catalog, the project was dead, but the knowledge in developing with Php, Html, Css and some Javascript was already absorbed. By this time I was the only Prestashop Moderator for the Portuguese speaking community and this have contributed further more for my interest in programming.

  • By end of 2010 to begin 2011

    Starting my Freelancer career

    For my surprise some users have started to requested price quotes and deadlines to develop bespoke features to them or to solve quickly some of their issues. So was time to start a Freelancer career as Developer during the day, maintaining at same time my job as door to door salesman at evening.

  • May 2013

    Difficult time requires drastic decisions

    The crises in Portugal was so severe, that my 2 jobs, Freelancer and Salesman, where no enough to pay all bills and put food in the Fridge, a 420 litre fridge was almost empty, so I end up seeing my wife holding the door of it and crying… So difficult times request drastic decisions, therefore was time to pursuit the career of my dreams and UK was the chosen destiny.

  • October 2013

    Scotland here I go to try my luck

    Once my contacts from Portugal with UK recruiters never produced nothing concrete, a Portuguese friend already leaving in Scotland, near Edinburgh, have invited me to stay in his home until I was able to find a job. The decision was hard to take, but I decided to make the move without bring my wife, until I was sure that I was having a secure job and the money was enough for both of us to have a decent live in Scotland. So in begin of October I arrived here, but my situation was so bad economically, that despite I want to be a Software Developer, I was willing to embrace any other profession in order to be able to survive… going back to Portugal was definitely not an option.

  • November 2013 until Now

    My dream became a reality

    Only after 5 weeks in Edinburgh and 3 interviews I ensured my current job as Software Developer at NN4M, the leading company for transactional Mobile App’s in UK. I was very luck that my life have crossed with Lorraine, Caroline and Jonathan Heap, the owners of NN4M, after a reply to a Gumtree job posting, once their support during the 2 times I was in hospital was amazing. My dream of working in what I most love was is now real.

  • Who Knows the Future?

My Team

Me, the Love of my Life and my Parents… without them it was not possible to be here today.


Software Developer

The love of my life

The supports she gives me is crucial for my success

My Parents

Always present when I need them… I will never be able to pay for all their sacrifices.

They are my team for the worst and for the better… they are the support that I can always count with.