My first blog post

So here I am writing for the first time in my life a Blog post and if that was not enough to scary me, I am not doing it in my natural language, Portuguese.

My English

My main concern will be to write correct English en-gb but I will count with the help of my readers to keep me on the right track by teaching me what is correct and what is wrong ;).

Motivations to start my Blog

Since the start of my Freelancer career, among a lot of other things I always planned to accomplish the idea of having a place where to put step by step tutorials with detailed _How To’s for Prestashop E-commerce Platform related stuff. This was one of my first aspirations and since then another ones have stacked up :).

With the move into Scotland, to pursuit a professional career in Software Development, I discovered a new world of tools, concepts, ideas, standards and many other related stuff for improve how us Developers do our work.

So I am not limited any more to the sphere of developing only for Prestashop, once I am now an API developer, working in a Team of Developers, that builds and maintains the Api’s for the E-commerce mobile Apps’s owned by big Retailers in UK. This made my knowledge to grow behind all my expectations and forced me to keep on pace with the new trends and challenges, that I am keen to share with everybody around me.

I have realised, during my learning experiences, that when taking notes and writing comments, my memory is retaining more info. So to absorb and keep all this new knowledge more fresh in my head, instead of writing notes and comments I will write some Blog Posts.

My opinion

Unless I explicit state it, anything that I will write on this Blog it will represent solely my opinion, thoughts, ideas, etc.

So you should not interpret or read between lines that I am referring to the company I work for or to any body else.

If you have any doubt please do not hesitate in comment or contact me privately, using one of the social networks where I can be reached.

Keep me Motivated

After reading some of the incoming Blog Posts, if you enjoy them please share on social networks and leave your comment in the bottom of it.

If you do so, I will fill encouraged to keep writing posts, otherwise I will think my efforts are not being appreciate and I will prefer to spent more of my free time with the ones I Love.

Don’t be Lazy

In return to this post I only ask that you spent 1 minute of your time to Share It on your Social Networks, leave a Disqus Comment or start to Follow Me in any of my Social Networks.

Seeing this actions taking place will keep me MOTIVATED to continue writing more Blog Posts 😃


What I write and express here is only in my behalf and do not represent the company I work for, or any previous one, neither my family, friend, colleague or any body else unless it is explicitly identified by me.

English is not my natural language, so feel free to point out any incorrectness for en-GB… I will welcome all your help :)

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